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Saarthi (Driver Road Safety Campaign) was a CSR Initiative by Emami Ltd. and RoadAds Pvt. Ltd. which started from September 17, 2017 and ended on October 16, 2017, covering 7 different States across India by reaching to several major transport hubs, educating drivers and spreading awareness about road safety measures. This campaign was executed in a very innovative manner using a large containerized vehicle and virtual reality technology, thus providing a first-time experience to thousands of drivers on road. More than 5067 truck drivers participated in this vast safety campaign.

Event Summary:
The agony of Truck Drivers in India is unprecedented and seldom discussed. Over the years, they have been undermined and have been largely ignored. However, it would not be wrong to say that they have been the backbone for the functioning of several states through consistent and timely deliveries of essential goods. They become the victim of fatigue, sleeplessness and due to lack of medical aid; some do succumb to the nature of the job. It was necessary to offer a helping hand to these Truck Drivers. Emami Navratna Oil stepped forward to share the Truck Driver grievances and provide solutions to resolve them

SAARTHI (Driver Road Safety Campaign) was an initiative by Emami Ltd and RoadAds India Pvt Ltd started from 17th September 2017 and the campaign lasted for entire 1 month. It was inaugurated at Bhiwandi, one of the most important transport hubs in India, through ACP Shri. Avinash Mohite. A decked up 32 ft truck with details of SAARTHI campaign on it was used as a medium for spreading awareness on road safety.

SAARTHI was aimed to reach more than 5000 truck drivers covering more than 7 states and several transport hubs. The whole campaign was supported by Canopy Activities, Standees, Leaflets, VR & TAB Video on Road Safety along with driver registration forms as well. The video contained basic features and awareness tips, like don’t drink and drive, don’t use mobile while driving, use BS4 vehicles, etc. Few drivers were also awarded Insurance Policies starting from Rs. 1 lac onwards.

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