Terms and Condition

1. The form should be filled appropriately with accuracy. Only fully completed form will be considered valid. If the documentation along with the form provided by you is not filled with lucidity or it is incomplete your claim may be rejected.


2. If you want to give additional details, You can write it on separate sheet of paper and attach it with the application form.

3. You need to strictly follow the Record Specific Rules and Regulations provided by India Star Book of Records team.

4. India Star Book of Records does not promote or accept attempts or records that can potentially lead to any kind of destruction or harm to property, health, morality or general well-being of an individual/organization/society. Similarly, the record/record attempt should not hurt or cause any kind of injury to any animal/s.

5. Approval or disapproval of any attempt and certification will be wholly and solely the decision of the ISBR team. Record approval and certification may take up to 20-30 days from the date of receipt of the claim documents and all evidence/s. Failure to produce any of the required documents/ evidences can lead to the rejection of the record claim.

6. ISBR team member need not to be mandatorily present at the time of attempting a record. However, the authenticity of the record should be properly taken care of by having either an adjudicator/s or/and witness/es at the record attempt location.

7. At least two witnesses should be present at the time of attempting the record. The complete details about all the witnesses should be enclosed with the claim documents. All the documents should be duly signed by all the witnesses.

8. Approval and certification will be published only after the complete process of attempt verification. All claim materials/documents/evidences submitted to ISBR will be a property of ISBR subsequent to the record claim. ISBR is under no obligation to return any kind of claim materials/documents/evidence back to the attempter/attempting organization.

9. Record claiming material should be emailed online at info@indiastarbookofrecords.in, or posted to the office of ISBR clearly mentioning the Claim ID, applicant/s name, address and contact details.

10.Evidences includes a complete cover letter, details of record participant/s, complete witness forms, logbooks, video footage, high-quality digital photographs, media coverage items (Audio/video/print/electronic) including Newspaper Clippings, Audio/Video footage, News URLs/News Items.

11. We prefer online claims and registrations of record attempts but also accept the documents at the ISBR office address.