Saarthi 2.0 – Navratna Oil’s Driver Road Safety Campaign gets bigger and better


Saarthi (Driver Road Safety Campaign) was a second CSR Initiative by Emami Ltd and RoadAds Pvt Ltd, which started from 22nd April 2018 and ended on 10th June 2018 covering 11 different States across India by reaching out to several major transport hubs, educating drivers, and spreading awareness about road safety measures. This campaign was executed in a very innovative manner using a large containerized vehicle and virtual reality technology, thus providing a first-time experience to thousands of drivers on road. More than 10021+ truck drivers participated in this vast safety campaign.

Event Summary:

A reason for belief, a reason to smile, a reason to be happy. A reason called Saarthi. Award Winning Saarthi has become synonymous with the lives of Truck Drivers. After the initial successful run of Saarthi, the challenge was how to make it bigger and better the next time. And yes, we delivered it through the second phase of Saarthi.

Innovative methods were used to educate the highway truck drivers with the help of VR devices and tabs to show them movies on road safety, which the drivers found very novel. This was complemented with communication pamphlets on road safety tips.

Some of the key highlights of the exercise were:

  1. 32 Feet Long Saarthi Truck with 1300 sq ft of Advertising space covering major transport hubs across India
  2. Tempo with 100 sq ft Advertising space covering Nagpur Transport Hubs
  3. Stage Program in Mumbai at Bhiwandi Transport Hub and supported by Police Officials like Shri. Ramesh Bhame (Police Inspector – Bhiwandi), Shri. Chandan Singh (Bhiwandi Mahanagar Palika), Shri. Pawan Agarwal (Bhiwandi Business Group)
  4. Event in Hyderabad (TV set up for displaying Road safety videos)
  5. Road Safety Education through Virtual Reality (VR) devices & Tabs – More than 10021 drivers
  6. Eye check-up camps & providing corrective glasses to drivers
  7. Distribution of Pamphlets on Road Safety
  8. Road Safety Pledge/Signature campaign by Drivers
  9. On Ground Activations at Transport Hubs and Dhabas
  10. Police Barricade Branding at Transport Hubs
  11. Free Accidental Insurance Policies worth Rs 1L to 5000 drivers and First Aid boxes for Drivers
  12. 100 Safety boards were installed at various Dhabas en route
  13. Head Massages to Drivers for instant relief – Head Massages given to Drivers at various Transport Hubs to provide them instant relief

Amplification and Scale

  1. Total Drivers Registered: 10021
  2. Major Transport Hubs Covered: 25+
  3. Total Kms Covered: 12800 +
  4. Total Locations Covered: 11 States and 21 Cities
  5. Insurance Forms: 5000
  6. Dhabas Covered: 100 boards
  7. Eye Check Up: 193
  8. Road Safety Stickers: 71 Vehicles


The determination of Saarthi and its success could be measured with the reduction in Traffic violations post the campaign. ‘’There has been a reduction of 12% in Traffic Violations and Road Accidents in Bhiwandi. Drivers have been more careful and most of them are following Traffic Norms post the campaign ‘’– Traffic Police Department, Thane -MH.

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